How to make a Flip book


You will need:

  • Pieces of stiff white paper or flash cards (you can also use old books like novels)

  • A stapler

  • Drawing pencils or pens


    1. Decide on a very simple action that you can animate. This could be something like a flower blooming, a plant growing, a ball bouncing, a balloon blowing up or even just shapes moving from one place to another.

      You will need at least 25 pages (drawings) to make the flipbook work well.
    2. Start with your first piece of paper and draw the first image. Remember to draw it near the edge of the page so that it can be seen when the book is flipped.

    3. Draw the next image (slightly changed) on the next page. Use the first drawing as a guide. Make sure there is only a small difference between the two images and that they are in the same place near the edge of the paper. Continue your drawings until you have made at least twenty-five drawings that are all slightly changed.

    4. Now flip the pages and watch your animation.