back Employability skills

There are different employability skills that you will learn depending on the level of course you choose to study.

General employability skills for multimedia include:

  • communication,
  • teamwork
  • problem solving,
  • initiative and enterprise,
  • planning and organising,
  • self-management,
  • learning and technology.

For full details about employability skills for the multimedia industry check out

Multimedia skills

The types of skills you will need to be multimedia professional:

  • graphics skills using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • digital photography skills including composition, uploading and editing photos
  • video editing skills using programs such as Avid and Final Cut Pro
  • animation skills using programs such as Flash or After effects
  • audio skills using programs such as Audacity and Pro Tools
  • web design skills incorporating different types of media using programs such as Dreamweaver and Flash.

Qualifications for multimedia


Wayne Quillam - Professional aboriginal photographer
In order to gain professional qualifications for multimedia you could study accredited courses such as the ones below.

Bachelor of Creative Arts And Industries (BCAI)
Bachelor of Creative Arts And Industries (New Media Design)/Bachelor of Information Technology (BCAIBI)
CUF10107: Certificate I in Creative Industries
CUF20107: Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)
CUF30107: Certificate III in Media
CUF40107: Certificate IV in Screen and Media

Many of these courses are offered in the Northern Territory at Charles Darwin University, Bachelor College or NTOEC. Check the links below for more information about multimedia courses on offer in the Northern Territory.

For information about multimedia courses outside the NT check the National Training Information Service website. You can search the database for relevant multimedia courses and Registered Training Organisations in your area them.