back Recording equipment

You can record sound in many ways - using the computer's internal microphone, an external microphone, a miniDisc, an MP3 recorder, digital video camera, even some mobile phones record sound.


To record good quality sound you need a good quality microphone.

For everything you've ever wanted to know about microphones have a look at this comprehensive website by Professor S.O. Coutant. lists almost every microphone every invented, particularly the older style mics and you can listen to a sample of all the different mics here.

USB headsets
USB headsets are a great way to record voice narration directly into your computer. For less than $50 you can achieve good quality and easy voice recordings. Usually you just have to plug in the headset and the computer will recognise and change your sound settings accordingly. pic
MP3 recorders

Some MP3 players have built-in voice recorders which record sound directly into the player and can be uploaded onto your computer through a USB connection.

iPods with a microphone attachment

pic New generation iPods can also record sound with an attachment (such as the Belkin mic attachment pictured) for around $75. The sound is recorded and can be uploaded and converted to mp3s using iTunes.


Digital video cameras
Using a digital video camera is another way to get quality sound recording, especially if you use a good external microphone. If you are recording sound for a video project it makes sense to use a video camera and capture the sound to your computer with your video footage. pic