back What is text?


Text is simply another name for words.

Text provides information to the reader.

Text is everywhere; it’s a part of our daily lives. We see it in newspapers, books, signs, on websites, on TV, on computer screens and many many more places.

Text in multimedia is generally combined with other types of media such as video, graphics, photography, animation and sounds.

What is the purpose of text?

Text communicates information but it is also part of the total design and style of a multimedia project. It can enhance the visual appeal of the presentation.

Decisions that you make when incorporating text in multimedia depend on a number of factors including:

  • the content of the information
  • the amount of text needed
  • the theme or look of the multimedia product
  • the placement of the text (is it a heading or body text or a logo)
  • the format of the project (is it a video, website, blog, video, slideshow etc)

Consider how different the typography can look in different formats such as a poster, a website, an essay, subtitles in a film or the titles in a film


It is a good idea to use text that suits the picture and style.

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