back The filmmaking process

There is a lot more involved in making videos than just picking up a camera and filming something. The process can be very time consuming. The more planning you do before you start filming, the easier and more efficient your filming and editing stages will be.

Before you start any project it is good to think about the following:

What is the purpose of your video? Or in other words, why do you want to make this video?

Who is your intended audience?

The answers to these questions will inform how you make the film, as in the style, music, length, and distribution.

The steps in video production
Planning your film
  • Idea
  • Storyboard
  • Shot list
  • Shooting schedule
The film shoot
  • Shooting all the scenes for your film
  • Labelling tapes
  • Reviewing footage
  • Connecting camera
  • Setting up a new project in the editing software
  • Capturing footage and logging it
  • Organising clips and selecting the best ones
  • Importing other assets such as images and audio
  • Editing clips on the timeline
  • Creating transitions
  • Adding effects
  • Making titles and credits
  • Adding music and sound or dialogue
  • Rendering the final video
  • Transitions
  • Filters
  • Titles/credits
  • Selecting export settings
  • Burning to DVD or putting on tape
  • Uploading to a website or other media

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