back Size and resolution

Choosing the right resolution (size) for your photograph depends on what you want to do with the photograph. You might want to print it, add it to a slideshow, put it in a movie, upload it to a website or email it to friends.

Photographs are made up of millions of squares. These squares are called pixels.

When we talk about image resolution, we are talking about how many pixels are in a photo.

The more pixels in a photograph, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image and the larger you can print it.

High resolution photographs may be clearer and print better, however they take up more space on the computer’s hard drive. They can also be too big to insert into a website or email as an attachment. It is often best to take photographs at a high resolution and then resize them later for different purposes.

Resolution can be measured in megapixels.
One million pixels=1 megapixel.




When you zoom in to the picture you can see it is made up of many squares called pixels.