back Types of batteries

Different digital cameras will have different types of batteries.

The main types of batteries for digital cameras are:

  • Lithium batteries – they have a long life and perform well.
  • Rechargeable NiCad batteries – perform well and can also be recharged.
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • Alkaline batteries – these run out very quickly in digital cameras.

  • If your camera comes with a power adaptor, use this when possible and it will help save on the life of your battery.
  • Some cameras are now so small that they can’t fit any of the standard batteries. These cameras have their own built-in battery. This means they have to be recharged with the camera plugged in. The only problem with this type of battery is that once they run out, you can’t just pop in some spare batteries and continue with your photo shoot.
Safety and care with batteries

Batteries should be handled with care.

  • Always replace all batteries at the same time. If you mix new and old batteries, the old ones will discharge the new ones.
  • Clean battery contacts in the battery compartment periodically by rubbing them gently with a clean pencil eraser or a cloth. This removes any oxidation on the contacts and makes for a good electrical connection.
  • Always keep batteries dry and at room temperature.
  • Do not store batteries in a hot place.
  • Never put batteries in or near a fire.
  • Do not drop, disassemble or puncture batteries.
  • Use all the same type of battery in the one camera.
  • Lithium batteries contain dangerous toxic substances. These batteries should be disposed of properly. Read and follow the battery manufacturers disposal instructions.
  • Many batteries contain acidic substances. These substances can leak through the batteries outer casing. If the camera is going to be left unused for a long time, the batteries should always be removed from the camera to prevent leakage or corrosion.
  • If you touch both ends of a battery with a metal object, the battery will short circuit and possibly cause an explosion or a fire. Do not carry loose batteries where contact may touch metal objects such as coins or keys.