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This is also known as frame-by-frame animation. It’s where objects or puppets are moved slightly and then photographed, moved again and photographed, one picture at a time. When these photos are played rapidly in a sequence, it gives the illusion of life. Characters made out of clay are often used for this type of animation which is where the word claymation comes from. The Aardman studios are famous for this type of animation in films such as Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run (


Free software for capturing stop motions
There are programs that are either shareware or freeware that will take still images and turn them into animation. Here are some popular ones you can download.  


How to make a claymation

How to make a pixillation


Example of stopmotion

video Example of claymation


This is also a type of stop motion animation. It is where live actors (or objects) are moved inside a scene and then a shot is taken, the actor or object is moved again, another shot is taken and so on. When each of the shots is placed together in a sequence, the actors or objects appear to be animated. 


Examples of pixillation
Norman Mclaren’s Neighbours