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Welcome to Power Up PLUS!- Training with E-Tools

Power Up PLUS! with E-Tools is  a resource that helps to bridge the gap between Indigenous people that are skilled in technology/multi media/art/film and music and who want to move into training or facilitating.  It will prepare you for work opportunities in multimedia and serve as a resource that can be used for your training delivery.
Working with multimedia

Multimedia is the combination of different types of content such as text, images, video, audio, animation and interactivity.

Multimedia products are seen on websites, CD-ROMs, DVDs, television, and personal digital devices such as mobile phones and iPods

When you begin working in multimedia, you will be working with many different files. It is important to have these files well organized from the beginning. We recommend reading the sections about file management and backing up your files before you begin any projects in Power Up Plus.

Getting around the PowerUp PLUS! resource
The menu above takes you through the different sections of the website. There are seven sections: Home, Jobs & Training, Text, Images, Sound, Animation & Video.

If you put your mouse over any of the section headers you will see the pages underneath and you can click on any of these to go directly to a section you are interested in.

Otherwise you can scroll through using the Next and Back buttons to go through each section screen by screen. Each section contains stand-alone information to teach you about different aspects of multimedia. However you can also follow a learning sequence from start to end by clicking on each of the menu tabs going from left to right.

How to use this resource
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Throughout the site you will see content buttons that will take you to media, further information, activities, or links. Sometimes a button or link will open up in a separate pop-up box or tab in your browser. Once you have viewed the information, simply close it by clicking on the red cross in the top corner of the box to return to the Powerup Plus site.

Listen to an introduction to PowerUp Plus! and read about what each button does below.

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