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Multi tracking is when you layer audio tracks over each other in the sound editing process. For example, you might have one audio track for a voice recording, one audio track for music, one audio track for sound effects, and one audio track for atmos.

You can create a much more interesting and complex audio edit with multi tracking. Most sound editors such as Audacity, Sound Edit Pro, and Pro Tools enable multi tracking. The built in Sound recorder that comes free with most Windows operating systems is a single track recorder and editor so it is much more limited.

When you record a new sound in Audacity or bring in a music track it automatically places it on a new track.


Listen to this sound file and try and hear the different tracks of audio.
video Watch another YouTube video on multi tracking with Audacity.
demo To find out how to create multiple tracks in Audacity follow the links below:
links To download some free sound effects and loops try these links:



Multi tracking in Audacity

Multi tracking the layers of sound helps make the film seem real and can be used to create different emotions in the audience.

The video above can be viewed on YouTube.
It is a large file so may be slow to load or not load at all on some computers.

There are several fantastic video tutorials on YouTube which explain how to multi track using Audacity. Check out the list of videos here

Loops & SFX
You can use free sound effects or loops from the internet to create your multi track sound edits.