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A digital story is a personal story that is told using photos, words, sound, music and voice.

The exciting thing about digital stories is that with some basic multimedia skills, anyone can make one.


There are many different types of films and stories out there. The skills that you learn in this resource can assist you to make your own digital story.

ideas Here is a Powerpoint presentation about making a digital story using Photostory. It was used in delivering a Digital Story Telling workshop.
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What do you need to create a digital story?

A good basic guideline for digital storytelling is to have a story of no more than 250 words, a dozen or so photos and a finished piece of two minutes.

  • You will need a story in the form of a written script or an oral story.
  • You will need images to tell the story. These can be photographs, drawings or scanned images
  • You will need music and optional sound effects
  • You will need to make a storyboard. This is a basic plan on how your images, voice over and sound will fit together to tell your story.


How do I go about making the digital story?

There are three main stages involved in making a digital story. These stages are:

Planning - The planning stage of digital story telling includes writing your story, planning how the sound and images will fit together and organizing your assets.

Making - The making part of digital story telling includes recording sound, creating images and then using software to edit the story together

Sharing - The final stage of digital storytelling is sharing it with others.