back Examples of text in multimedia


The text above shows how text can be used effectively in a webpage title. Can you see the two different fonts that are used, and two different colours and styles?

Text can be used in many ways in multimedia:


  • text in a website
  • text in films such as titles and credits
  • subtitles in a film or documentary provide a translation
  • text may be used in advertisements
  • text is used in text messaging
  • text in animation
  • text in podcasts
  • text in blogs
  • text in PowerPoint presentations
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After reading this section see if you can answer the following questions about text and multimedia:

  • What is typography?
  • Why should you use common fonts for the body of your text?
  • Why is it necessary to turn logos and headings with unusual fonts into a graphics file?
  • List three things that are important to consider when designing text for multimedia products.
  • Where are fonts kept on your computer?
  • What is the difference between a serif font and a sans serif font?


The text in this image was created especially to match the words and picture.
It is saved as part of the graphic so that everyone can see the text the same.